Write about a school trip (dublin)

On Monday we went to the Parliament of Catalonia. First of all,we go to lunch. Then we go for a ride around the yard. Next we saw a sculpture of a mammoth. After that we answer some questions. Later we visit the interior of the Parliament. It was an interesting school trip. I liked the visit at the Parliament the most.
On Wednesday  we went to the football camp. First of  all, can put a captain of which team  I'm are one. Then the captain of which team  choose seven people. Next the match start . Later Xavi makes one goal and I'm one goal too!!! Finally my equip win!!! It was a  amazing school trip. I liked when I made the goal the most!!!
On Friday we went to Bilbao. First of all, visited museum Gingham. Then, we had  lunch in “Restobar”.Next, we went canoeing in the river “Nervión”. Later we went to Bilbao dawn town. It was a funny school trip. I liked the dawn town of city the most.
On Thursday we went to the Parliament of Catalonia .First of all,we had some lunch in the park. Then we went inside the Parliament,there was a guide that seed us everything, and we went inside were very important people speak of politic things. It was a good school trip.I liked it the most.

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