Homework Wednesday 6th April -Belfast-

Read the definitions and write the words. There are two extra words.

Cricket – mouse – wolf – owl – cockroach – fox – rat – snake

1. This is a wild animal which has reddish-brown fur. It has got a long, thick tail. ______
2. This is a bird that has a flat and big eyes. It hunts mice. _____________________
3. This is a large, brown insect which comes out at night. You usually find it near rubbish in warm countries. _________________
4. This is an animal that has got a long tail and is similar to a large mouse. ______________
5. This is a small insect that can jump very high. It makes a noise at night. _____________
6. This is a large, wild animal which usually lives in a group and has got big, sharp teeth. It appears in many children’s stories. ____________________

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