Your heart

Your heart is a very strong muscle that pumps blood around your body.

It is made of four chambers, two upper chambers and two lower chambers. Blood enters the upper chambers. These squeeze and push the blood into the lower chambers, which then squeeze and push the blood out of your heart.

1. Your heart first pumps blood to your lungs. Here, the blood picks up oxygen from the air that you have breathed in.

2. The blood (carrying oxygen) then travels back to your heart.

3. The heart gives the blood a second push. This time, it’s sent to all the other parts of your body, including the brain, all the other organs and all the muscles. The blood delivers oxygen to them all.

4. The blood travels back to the heart, and it all begins again.

The tubes that carry blood away from your heart are called arteries. The tubes that carry blood back to your heart are called veins.

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