Project 6th -Monuments & parks-

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maria navarro said...

PARK OF TORREBLANCA :The park of torreblanca this one placed in: sant feliu of llobregat, Sant just desvern i Sant Joan Despí.
The park has an extension, twelve Hestáreas. To the central part of the park there is a garden històrico Where they find a few small rivers, caves, ways....For the zone south of the park, wherethere was the biejo Palace of the Marquesos de Monistrol, we find a fantàstico vegetable labyrinth.Other one departs from the park és the zone of regards with plàtantas, xiprers, i estàtues.

guillem perez said... (PHOTO torre de la creu) popular name of "Tower of eggs." Originally they were complete with a layer of broken glass mosaics, and referring to the work that was undertaken at the same time Jujol Park Guell. A wrought iron cross crowns the highest point of the building and given the name "Tower of the cross." MAI NAME IS GUILLEM P

carla puertas said...

Can Negre is a 17th-century farmhouse located in Sant Joan Despí, which was transformed by Art Nouveau architect Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert between 1915 and 1930.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was owned by lawyer and rural landowner Pere Negre i Jover (1867-1939), who commissioned Josep Maria Jujol with renovation work.The first Can Negre renovation project had to integrate a building originally for rural purposes into the new urban scene and convert a country house into an aristocratic home. The work was carried out in stages, adapted to the owner's budget.

rocio moreno said...

Can Black is a farm located in Sant Joan Despi, transformed by modernist architect Josep Maria Jujol Gibert and between 1915 and 1930. Building is a century old farmhouse XVII.L building is a seventeenth century farmhouse and Peter Black Jover Jujol knew that the friendship of his wife Engracia, and Vineyards with Balet Jujol aunt Josefa Romeo and owner of the tower creu.El the first project of reform was to integrate Black Can a building of rural origin in the new urban farm and became a farmer in a noble house.

Beatriz García said...

The house is owned by the municipality of Sant Joan Despi that dedicates it to cultural activities.
Designed by Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert and rebuilt between 1915 and 1930.
Can Negre is in Sant Joan Despi near Barcelona.
Address:Plaça de Catalunya
Sant Joan Despí

The order of work to Jujol modification of this old farmhouse owner did his lawyer and wealthy landowner Pere Negre i Jover.
This is a very important monument in Sant Joan Despí.

Paula Jrdí said...

Designed by Josep Maria Jujol and built between 1913 and 1916.
The Torre de la Creu is located in the town of Sant Joan Despí, near Barcelona.
In the opinion of Denis L. Can not find no other building in Europe and more particulary to the Tower of statiscal experimental eggs.
Becouse the domes seem eggs can also be say the Tower of eggs.

paula sanchez said...

The parc of torreblanca is a park of about 12 and divided in several parts.
A first had been a botanical garden currently the only preserved vegetation of the lake