Project 6th -Services (library, hospital & market)

1 The library was built Merce Rodoreda in 2011

At the library, there are different paddocks, ie, a small and Exceptional, there are also various special rooms, study, each crafts etc. .. Also, a café, terrace
Rodoreda Library of Sant Joan Despi (Spain) has chosen the City chair (designed by Charles Tíscar) to equip their theaters.

The Library is a work of architect Carlos Llinàs, has an area of
​​over 1,700 m2 which includes, in addition to the library, a theater and space for cultural activities. The inauguration took place on 23.04.11, coinciding with the day of Sant Jordi, a major cultural shift.

The Chair City was designed specifically for use in educational spaces such as universities, libraries and seminars
and winter (from October 1 to June 30)
Mornings: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and from 10 to 14 hours
Afternoons: Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 20:30
- Summer (from 1 July to 31 September)
Mornings: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 14:00
Afternoons: Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 20:30

(Célia Villén)

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david mestres romero said...

the market of Sant Joan Despi opens the years 1931-1932 the author was Cèsar Martinell Brunet,the constuction are in the "Park de la Ermita",the periot of constuction in

berta C.S said...

· Miquel Martí i Pol library

·The library was opened in 1995 and is named Miquel Marti i Pol (1929 - 2003), one of the most widely read poets in Catalonia. In 1991 Miquel Marti i Pol received the Honor Award Catalan lyrics are in recognition of his work.
The library Miquel Martí i Pol is the City of Sant Joan Despi, and operated in partnership with the Provincial de Barcelona.

-From January to June and October to December
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours
Monday to Friday from 15.30 to 20.30
July, August (second half) and September
Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 14 hours
Monday to Friday from 15.30 to 20.30

· (this is a map of Sant Joan Despí)

alex gomes said...

In Sant Joan Despi there is one hospitals and there are two cap.Cap is a similari and a hospital but are more small but the hoapitals.
In Sant Joan Despi there are one cap in the school Ateneu Instructiu,anoder cap is in lext to de school Ateneu Instructiu, the name this cap is Verdager.
There is a one hospital, is in the zone TV3, the name is Moises Brogui.

marta martinez said...

Hospitals of Sant Joan Despí: in Sant Joan, there is one hospital called Moisès Broggi, it was inaugurated in February 2010.
It have a surface of 46.127,7 square metres and in side, they can be more than 300.000 persons.
Some animals can be ill too, so there are some ‘’hospitals for animals’’ (veterinarian). There is one in Torreblanca, Calle Torreblanca, 10 - Local 4, and other in Rbla. Josep Maria Jujol, 33, this are some exemples, but there are a lot of veterinarian more.
In Sant Joan, there are some dentists, chiropodist, and other specialist centres, like the dentist in c/ Catalunya nº 2 or the chiropodist in C/ Les Torres nº 1.

Polmansa said...

Pol Mansa García:
Guinardó-Mercè Rodoreda library it's in carrer Major 69
The library opens:
In winter from 1 of october to 30 of june.
In summer from 1 of july to 31 of september
The Services are:
-Free Internet access and Wi-Fi zone
-Group work rooms
-And cultural activities to promote reading
-For self-learning
-Guided tours of the library
And more.

ivan said...

in the town put a Opencor and spent a tienpo quoted him