Project 6th -Sports & sports centre-

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dani guerrero said...

Dani Guerrero
Levante Las Planas

The club was founded in the summer of 1983. His best time was 90 years. The 1989-90 season was established School Sports Football, along with the city of Sant Joan Despi. The football club has a very high class group of particularly feminine.

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Lydia said...

A lot of people in S.J.Despí practise a sport. They do esport on a ground , sport center and sports hall.
The esports are this :
Football = They practise on a ground ,and normally on Saturday's they have football matches.
Basketball = They practise on a sport center , they have basketball matches every Saturday.
Skating artistic = They practise on a spots hall , they sometimes have competitions.
Handball = They practise on a sport center , they have every Saturday or Sunday competitions.
Swimming = They practise on a swimming pool, they sometimes have competitions.
Hockey = They practise on a sport hall , they sometimes have matches.
The people do sport to be strong and to bein form.

Marina Linares Crespo said...

In Sant Joan Despi there are several sports centers.
.Francesc calvet is a sports center. In this site can do swimming, basketball... exercise.
.Salvador Gimeno is another sport center and in this site can do handball, swimming, basketball...

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Marina Linares Crespo said...

.Polideportiu del Mig: Is a sport center.
In this site can do skating, futsal... and other sports.
.In Sant Joan Despí also the farmhouse there Barça.
In this site can do football, is espectacular.
¡Sant Joan Despí is a perfect people for sport!

ignasi casals castellón said...

The Ciutat Esporiva is the training ground and academy base of catalan football club, F.C.Barcelona.
Located in Sant Joan Despí and covering 136.839 m2 it is used since 2006 for youth team training and matches and since january 2009 for the first team training. It is also used by many of the other sports teams at the club including Basketball, Handball and Futsal who use facilities such as the multi-sports pavilion. Now that this facility is fully operational, all the youth teams that previously used the Camp Nou facilities, mainly the Mini Estadi and the Palau Blaugrana, train there.

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Benjamin said...

bejamin fernandez said...

Salvador Gimeno and Francesc Calvet, have indoor pools, sports center, fitness room, activity rooms designed, saunas, steam bath, jacuzzi, etc..
Other municipal facilities are outstanding Tennis Sant Joan Despi, the Middle Sports, soccer fields and The Plains District Centre, both with artificial turf; Fontsanta recreational pools, and four bowls facilities spread strategically throughout the territory.